We arrived in the airport after a long, but smooth flight. I felt tired and full from a meal of nothing but disgusting carbs. Bad pasta, bad bread, bad crackers, etc. It took forever to get our passports stamped and then to get our bags. The pre-arranged taxi from George’s company was waiting for us. He took our bags from us and loaded them in the trunk. He then handed us ice cold water bottles. While he drove he answered all the questions we had for him about Greece. He spoke wonderful English. We checked in at the Westin in Vouliagmeni. We found out it would be two hours before our room would be ready. My dad changed in the lobby’s bathroom and went to the beach/pool area. My mom and I waited with all the suitcases in the lobby. We fell asleep on our luggage. No one on the staff offered us anything nor did they try to speed the process up. We finally got to our room! It was small but beautiful. The view was amazing!!!!!!!!!! We had a balcony that faced the beautiful waters. My mom and I took a 15 minute walk down their dangerous curving half ass sidewalks. We turned around after we got frustrated with dodging cars and not really getting anywhere. Besides it was over 90 degrees out and we were hot and tired. We came back to the room and snacked on food that we brought from home. We watched a Bette Midler movie because it was the only English channel. Then we slept for 13 hours!!!!
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