Dancing on the Nile


I went down to dinner, but then realized most people had changed for the party, so I went back to my room to change. I put on Lexi’s skirt and Sonja lent me a tank top aka singlet. I put my Egyptian skirt around my waist and over Lexi’s skirt. I was so pissed that I didn’t have my costume from my suitcase. I felt so plain. Sonja lent me a shawl to cover my shoulders. I didn’t anything at dinner. We went up to the pool area to hang out for a bit, but it was getting dark. We went down to the lounge for the party.

Some of the Trafalgar people were there. They danced with us for a bit, but the music they were playing was way too hip hop for them and us. We then went to take pictures in the lobby. The guys looked great in their galabiyas. Mike was wearing his rope from the room with his headdress. It was funny. Paul looked like dracula in his galabiya because it was black and sort of had a cape.

We danced for a while, but I hated the songs. So I grabbed my ipod and made a playlist. Then the party got started. I became ipod DJ for a while and so did Meg. We danced to some old school 90’s songs. Of course we also danced to Walk Like an Egyptian. Since this is the only party night on the tour because Egypt is conservative, several of the people in the group decided to drink a lot. The group started to thin out after 12 am. I left the lounge around 1am. I went back to my room, changed, and prepared my stuff for the next day. We had docked in Edfu so I took several photos of it from my room’s window. Bed time.

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