Shipwrecked in Times Square


Back in May I had participated in a scavenger hunt sponsored by Discovery Times Sq. I followed clues around Lower Manhattan. The hunt ended at Trinity Church. The first person to go up to the pirate would win a treasure chest which would be filled with money. There were several of us waiting. It turns out some kid approached a random guy (not in costume) and asked are you with the pirate and he said yes thus winning. Neither him nor his mother were excited that they just won thousands of dollars. Everyone thought it was fishy. My mom got #13 because at that point it didn’t matter. We did get two tickets to see the Shipwrecked exhibit.





So my mom and I finally decided to go and see the exhibit. The train we took was decorated with the European football teams. Go Manchester United! I absolutely love Times Square. Most New Yorkers hate it. I love all the lights and the feel of it. Yes, it is beyond packed with tourists, but a true New Yorker should be able to navigate through it without a problem. This was my first time seeing Guy’s American Bar/Restaurant. I also took some pictures outside Jekyll and Hyde.


I’ve been to Discovery Times Square numerous times. I saw the following exhibits there: King Tut, Pompeii, Harry Potter, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I liked them all except the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. It was too boring and this is coming from a history teacher. Discovery had 3 exhibits on display this time. In addition to Shipwreck they also had Lego and Bodies exhibits. Each exhibit is about $20. They had a Lego guy in the lobby so people could pose for pictures with him.




You weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibit but I snuck two anyways. There were a lot of hands on activities that were great for kids and adults who want to be kids. You could create your own pirate, learn how to to tie sailors’ knots, listen to stories about shipwrecks, steer a ship, pick up coins using underwater technology, and even experience hurricane force winds. A little word of advice about the hurricane force winds, if you are prone to eat issues make sure to cover them. My ears hurt for days afterwards. I couldn’t believe how many bars of gold and silver they recovered from the wrecks. There were also tons of coins. There was a lot of porcelain also recovered. Many of it surprisingly in good condition. There was even an old set of dominoes, which my students love to play. There was a lot to see, but still don’t think I would have spent twenty dollars on it. It was worth about fifteen.






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