Pill Box/Porcelain Box Fridays

I have well over 100 pill boxes aka porcelain boxes in my room. I try to collect one from every new city, state, and country I visit. It’s hard though because many places don’t have. I also run into a different issue, which is some places have A LOT. I don’t want to buy multiple styles so it makes it hard to select just one. They usually run anywhere from $7-$10. I have many associated with travel, but I also have a lot that have nothing to do with travel. I have ones from Christmas, Hanukkah, and Halloween. I also have a bunch of random ones like a cell phone, pen, dress, etc.

Starting in November I am going to start posting a different travel pill box/Limoges box every Friday. I’ll post several pictures of the box, the little thing that came inside (if applicable), and other details I know about it. So if you have no idea what I’m referring to I’m going to post some Halloween ones I own below so you can get the picture.


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