Once Upon a Time at Comic Con-NY Comic Con Day 3


The Comic Con panel I was looking forward to the most had finally arrived. I am a huge Once Upon a Time fan so I was beyond thrilled they were having a panel. I was really nervous about it. I had a feeling the panel would be packed full of fans and people that just wanted to meet Jennifer Morrison. I not only wanted to see the panel, but I wanted their autographs as well. If you know me then you know I am not a pushy person when it comes to meeting celebrities. I have been thisclose to celebrities that I love before and have let other people push me aside to meet them, get pictures, and autographs. NOT THIS TIME! I was determined this time would be different.

The Once Upon a Time panel was at 1:30pm. I wanted to be there super early. I actually wanted to be there for the previous panel so I could just stay in the room. I decided to get in the Comic Con spirit and donned a comic book t-shirt and some pink fake hair. I arrived around 11:45am. The panel before Once Upon a Time was the Marvel Video Game panel which was set to start at 12:15pm. I didn’t want to sit in that panel if I found out they were going to clear the room in between the two panels because then I would be screwed. I found a nice Comic Con staff member and asked her if they were going to clear the room in between. She promised me they wouldn’t and said it would be my best bet for the Once Upon a Time panel. So I got on the Marvel line. A group of 3 got on right behind me. One was dressed as Robin Hood, which was a clear sign they wanted the Once Upon a Time panel as well. Sure enough they did. They decided to do what I was going to do after they also talked to a staff member. They had been to Comic Con before and told me crazy stories about what happened when they didn’t clear out the rooms between panels. People got trampled trying to find a seat and panels were overbooked because of it. We waited on the line for a bit and then they finally let us in. I kept texting Cesar throughout the wait because I was going to meet up with him later. I wanted to get as close as I could now so I wouldn’t have to do too much moving up in the future. We settled in rows 8 and 9 on stage left. I left my stuff with them and went to use the bathroom. The line was about 15 mins long and everyone on line was complaining about the lack of women’s bathrooms.

I got back to my seat in time for the Marvel panel to start. They showed us the latest video games they were releasing and it kept me entertained for the hour. I’m not a video game fan nor am I big on Marvel superheros, but I could appreciate the talent that went into creating the games. I loved the little old lady character they had in one of the games who uses her purse as a weapon. They told us they were giving out free gifts at the end of the panel, but that meant losing my seat to get one. So I passed on it. They also gave us codes to get free stuff at the Marvel booth (something I forgot about until we were on 9th avenue later that night). Once I sensed the panel was coming to a close I grabbed my stuff and started to head to the front. I could only move up about 3 rows. I wanted to be closer. Once the panel officially ended chaos ensued!!!!!!

The first two rows were reserved and nobody in the 3rd row gave up their seat. Everyone was looking for seats. The first two rows were empty except for one family in the second row. I asked the family which passes allow you to sit in the reserved row. They said there were several, but didn’t know them all. They had medical ones. I had a special pass and hoped it would be good enough otherwise I would be royally screwed very soon. I asked the family if I could sit with them and they said yes. The little boy was the one with the medical issue. The family didn’t want anyone sitting immediately next to him. So I sat one seat over and made it look like the seat between the boy and I was taken so both parties would be happy with the arrangement. I talked with them for a while as the room started to fill up. I showed them my pictures of Steveston and kept the boy entertained. A Comic Con staff member kept coming around to kick out people who didn’t belong in the reserved rows. She never asked me anything because she assumed I was with the family. The place filled up quickly and so did the reserved rows. The panel was about to start and I thought that I was home free when a staff member addressed me. She asked if I was with the family. I wanted to say yes, but if a handicapped person needed the spot I would not be happy with myself so I said no. She said she had two people with reserved tickets and if she moved me then my seat and the seat I was protecting for the kid would be open to these two girls (they had VIP passes and not medical ones by the way). So I nodded as I felt devastated inside. Then she said to me that she would move me to the first row because there was a single seat and only a skinny person could fit in it. FIRST ROW!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I tried not to act too excited. She wasn’t kidding about it being a tight squeeze, but I managed. I was legitimately right in front of the panel. The woman to the right of me had a super duper exclusive Comic Con pass and had never seen Once Upon a Time at all. The couple to the left of me knew famous people. They weren’t into the show either. So here I was a fan girl with fake pink hair squeezed in between two hot shots who could care less about the panel while I was doing everything in my power not to fan girl out.

The panel started and I was ready to go with my cell phone camera. They were going to start with a clip of the upcoming Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episode but the picture wasn’t working. The majority of the audience spent 3 minutes screaming “no picture” at the top of their lungs. Real mature. I took this time to answer the questions of Miss Super Duper Exclusive Comic Con pass lady. She wanted to know more about the two shows. While they tinkered with the DVD, the panel decided to come out. It was Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. I was in their line of vision the whole time. Several times they smiled exclusively at me or chuckled to themselves when I mouthed answers or reactions to their comments. I even had a staring contest with one of them at one point. It was clear in my section that I was the only fan in the front row. Everyone else belonged to the press or were just there for no real reason. I was in heaven! I felt like we were all just sitting around my kitchen table chatting. They talked for a bit about Wonderland and then they showed the clip from the upcoming episode. I was so happy that characters from Aladdin were being worked in to the show. I wonder if we’ll see Jasmine and Aladdin soon.


After they showed the clip they brought Jennifer Morrison out. She plays Emma Swan. I was immediately surprised by how beautiful she is. She’s kind of a tom boy on the show and in House she was never really done up. She looked great and you could immediately tell she had an awesome personality. Adam and Edward moved down and allowed Jennifer to take the seat across from me. They showed us a clip from the upcoming episode of Once Upon a Time (the original and not Wonderland) and then began their discussion. They told us Hook and Emma would hook up (pun intended), which just aired this past Sunday. Jennifer also hinted that Mulan and Sleeping Beauty might become a lesbian couple. They also hinted that Neal and Emma most likely won’t go back to being a lovey dovey couple right away. They have a lot of unresolved issues. They discussed the deer that happened to wander into a shot and how it wasn’t meant to be Bambi. They told us we’ll see more Disney characters soon. Adam and Edward mentioned how they think Peter Pan is scary and the actor playing him is intense. They avoided him at a party because they were just so freaked out by him. Towards the end of the Q&A I got ready to make my move. I took the pictures I wanted signed out of my bag and I had my sharpie ready. Once the Q&A was over, I pounced. So did everyone else. I got to the guys first even though Jennifer was closer to me. Adam and Edward signed the picture of me in Steveston at the Storybrooke Pet Shelter. Both of them commented about my picture and asked how my trip was. At this point I am being squished by the mob of people trying to get to Adam, Edward, and Jennifer. I am also the only one with a sharpie and everyone wants to borrow it. A girl asked me first and had Jennifer sign her poster. Then Edward took it and used it to sign some other people’s stuff. Others wanted it, but I wasn’t parting with it. I wanted Jennifer’s autograph. Edward saw I was waiting for a while and was trying to get to Jennifer so he helped push my picture toward her. At that point she was so mobbed taking photos and signing things that she was in robot mode. However, when my picture and sharpie came to her it caused her to look up to see who the owner was. She then gave me a huge smile. Yeah for bringing a conversation piece for them to sign. She signed it and I tried to put it back in the folder to protect it. However, I couldn’t move. People wanted to move forward, but they wouldn’t let those of us who had got what we wanted to leave. I felt trapped. So the New Yorker came out in me and I pushed past people. I put my stuff away and left the room. I found the group I waited on line with and we exchanged info so I could send them pictures (they never moved up). Time for a mad dash across Javits to the Archie Panel!

Peter Pan and Henry

Rumpel doing his signature move! Love this man.

“Roasted Swan. He He. You’ll understand that later.”

1st look at Tink!

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