Porcelain Box from Aruba III

I got this pillbox on one of my many trips to Aruba. The box is shaped like a sandal. I most likely bought it in one of the hotel gift shops or in Oranjestad. The box was $8. Unfortunately there wasn’t any little item inside. I like this pillbox because it is very different than my others. It is also much heavier than the others. I love the scene on the sandal it definitely transports me back to Aruba every time I look at it.



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5 thoughts on “Porcelain Box from Aruba III

  1. Oh Heeey!!! That’s an amazing souvenir you got there. I actually live on the island and I am so glad you have Aruba close to your heart anywhere you go with that beautiful souvenir. Hope you come back very soon! 🙂

    • TravelJackie

      Thanks or should I say Danki. I’ve been about 20 times. We used to go once a year. The island is beautiful. We almost decided to buy a home there.

      • Waw!! Well nice to meet you, I am Jessica. You’re more like family to Aruba then Jackie! Currently I am working at the newest hotel, The Ritz Carlton, You should really check that out on one of your visits here. You will be more than welcome anytime. And also thank you so much for choosing Aruba as one of your destinations for so long. Let us know whenever you’re coming back. Greetings!

      • TravelJackie

        Where’s the Ritz Carlton on the island? We stayed at the Hyatt and Playa Linda. We used to go to the Marriott once in a blue moon for dinner but I didn’t like the very long walk on the beach.

      • Well, The Ritz-Carlton is right next to the Marriott. And yes, It might be a long walk to the beach in comparison to the Hyatt and Playa Linda. But believe me it’s worth grabbing a drink at the Divi Lounge of the Ritz watching the sunset. You will remember me on your next visit if you do that, believe me. Hahahha!

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