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Walking Around with my Shirt Open-NY Comic Con Day 2


Night number two at Comic Con. This time I was allowed to enter at 35th and 11th. It was packed!!!! It seemed like almost everyone was doing cosplay. I had some time to kill before my Beatles panel so I decided to head to Artist Alley first.

I had found some rare Archie comics for Dan Parent to sign. I also bought a Glee Archie comic from him. I went to Fernando Ruiz (another Archie comics artist) and I had him sign an old one he did. He was happy to see it and skimmed it. I could see he remembered some of the stories. He told me that some of them were cut off. I also bought a picture from him.

After that I heard from my friend Cesar so I walked back to 35th to meet him. He picked up his pass and activated it. We walked though the crowd and discussed the costumes we saw. He walked me down to my panel and even though it was an hour early there was already a line. He went exploring and I decided to use the bathroom before the panel. The line was super long. While on line I realized that my Comic Con lanyard had pushed my shirt button open. I had been walking around with my shirt open for who knows how long. Normally when that happens I realize when I see someone looking. It’s Comic Con, people probably thought I was doing it on purpose. At least I didn’t run into anyone I knew besides Cesar. The previous night I had run into one of my old high school teachers. Glad my shirt was closed then.

I ate my dinner on the line for the panel and started to read through the Comic Con program. Some of the booths advertised that they were giving away stuff so I made note of them on my phone. We finally were let in to the panel room and it was clear right away that the room was going to be packed. They made people stand in the back of the room. We were all sitting on top of each other and I was kind of far back. The light above me was blinking and driving me nuts.

The panel finally entered and there wasn’t a surprise guest. We all were hoping for Paul McCartney since he was in NYC the day before. They informed us he was on a plane back to England. One of his best friends was there. The panel was about the 5th Beatle aka Brian Epstein. He was gay, Jewish, and is considered the guy who discovered the Beatles. He died very young. The panel wrote a graphic novel about him. We got to see the graphic novel and we heard about the creative process for both the novel and the movie coming out. It was hard to concentrate on the panel because I couldn’t see, the light was distracting me, the woman next to me was farting, the room was stuffy, and the door kept slamming because this little boy kept running to the bathroom. They passed around the graphic novel and the images were great. I definitely wanted to read it. The panel spent more time on Brian being gay and Jewish then they did on the Beatles connection. One interesting thing I learned was that the Philippines removed their security detail on the Beatles and asked the army to bring them in after the Beatles snubbed their Queen. The panel likened it to the end of Argo. They passed around a notepad to win the graphic novel. I didn’t win. We each got a free mini comic.

Here’s an article about the graphic novel.

After getting out of the panel I texted Cesar so we could meet up. He told me that the exhibit floor had closed so they kicked him out. I decided to find the location of my Once Upon a Time panel room so I would know where it was for the next day. After struggling to get through the crowd I finally found it. I was exhausted and knew I still had a long day at Comic Con ahead of me.

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