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Packing Rant

I’m trying to pack for my trip to Boston and I realized how much I hate packing. I also realized I’m not very good at it. I always start with a list so I don’t forget anything. However, I never know what to put on the list. Do I pack for rain even though the forecast doesn’t predict rain? If I don’t I know it will wind up raining. Do I pack a million different medicines in case I get sick or hurt? How many jackets should I bring? How thick? It’s going to be cold on this one day, but nice on the others. How do I balance that? Then you have shoe issues. I’m always worried about shoes breaking or suddenly turning evil and hurting my feet, but to pack extras takes up a lot of room and makes the bag heavier. I also don’t like to check luggage (when you don’t have your bag for a week in over 110 degree weather and your plane outfit is long pants and a black shirt-you will understand why), which forces me to shove everything in a carry on. Food, meds, clothes, shoes, electronics, books, and trip info in one little bag requires a magician. Space bags? Yeah tried those. They work somewhat ok going to your destination, but coming home they are a waste. Add on all the new clothes and souvenirs you’ve purchased and your bag wants to explode or break (like mine did in CDG airport in 2011). I always wonder how the people that pack light do it. I’ve traveled with people who having been traveling for months and they had one backpack. I would need like 3 huge suitcases. The funny thing is I’m not a girly girl who packs 900 things of make up, every hair product known to man kind, hair styling irons/devices, shoes for every occasion, two outfits a day, jewelry, etc. I’m a basic jeans or skirt with t-shirt hat girl. I don’t even like bathing suits.

I just shoved everything in 1/2 a carry on (my mom has the other half) and a backpack. I have no idea how I’m going to do this in June when I’ll be traveling for much longer.

Any packing thoughts? Hate it? Love it? Tips? Tricks?

The picture below is of my lost suitcase once it arrived in Luxor. I agonized over packing for weeks for it not to matter in the end


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