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Light and Sound Show


We got back to the boat and almost everyone went straight down to dinner. I went straight to my room and unlocked my suitcase. It was all there! I was so happy. I didn’t even know where to begin. I texted my mom and filled her in. I peeled off my clothes and put on my clean costume. I then headed down to dinner. The Trafalgar group told me I looked great and were shocked to find out about my suitcase. I sat at my usual table and Paul took some pictures. Sherif liked my outfit as well. He passed around the contact list. We all added our info to it. The shirts for Lexi and Sonja came. I gave them to them.


Photo belongs to Paul


Photo belongs to Paul


Photo belongs to Paul

I then went back to the room and ate. I sorted through my suitcase. I condensed items and created a hamper bag. I changed into jeans, my King Tut shirt, my sandals from Greece, and my black hat. I gave Meg, Janelle, and Sonja back the clothes I borrowed from them. Lexi told me to keep her skirt, which was soooo nice of her! The twins gave me some antiseptic cream to put on my burnt legs, feet, and spots on my arms. I didn’t have time to do much else because it was time to leave for the light and sound show. Sherif commented that he liked my shirt.

We boarded the bus, but we were running late. There was a lot of traffic because people were out and about since Ramadan had ended for the night. The surprising thing was even though it was late at night it was 100 degrees out. Meg was starting not to feel well. We finally got to Karnak and we had to run to catch the beginning of the show. It was extremely dark and very cheesy. We were all bored, but I filmed the whole thing. The show had us walk through the temple to the sacred lake. I bought some water and chocolate by the lake. Everyone in our group seemed out of it.

Photo belongs to Paul

Once the show was over I walked back to the bus with Josh, Nicole, and Alli. All of sudden Alli collapses. Nicole and I carry her stuff and help her back to the bus. We find out Meg really isn’t feeling well. On the drive to the boat she starts throwing up.

We got back to the boat and I gave Janelle pepto and saltines for Meg. My burns were really painful and I kept applying Paul’s burn cream. I start to attack my suitcase and I prepare my clothes for tomorrow. I try to sort through everything and see what I need, don’t need right away, and what I can throw out. All of sudden it seems like I have a lot of stuff and I’m trying to shove it all into my suitcase and carry on bag. It’s close to 1am when I’m finally done sorting.

I’m preparing for bed when I hear Meg through the walls. She’s really sick. I knock on their door and Janelle comes out. She is really scared. I give her more saltines and pepto. Janelle calls her mother and we decide we need to get Meg a doctor. I run down to the desk, but no one is there. I head down to the lower deck and hear Nicole’s voice. She’s talking about how knowledgeable I am. I go into the jewelery story and ask them if they have seen Sherif. They haven’t. I go back to the desk and now someone is there. He gives me Sherif’s room number. Janelle and I head to his room, which is a couple doors down from mine. He comes out and isn’t wearing a shirt. Suddenly, I realize I have been running through the ship just in my tank top and PJ pants. Sherif puts on a shirt and calls a doctor. Sherif says he’ll stay with the girls until the doctor comes. Janelle tells me to go to bed. It wasn’t until well after 2am when I finally climb into bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a doozy.

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The Greatest Sight in Egypt…My Suitcase

Ok, you might not think my suitcase is the greatest sight in Egypt, but on the afternoon of 8/3/11 I sure did. I had spent a lot of time packing for my trip to Egypt. I debated each article of clothing. I needed to make sure I was covered up enough because Egypt’s a Muslim country and yet cool enough to deal with Egypt’s summer heat. All my essentials were in my bag including my sandals (the sneakers and socks I was wearing were making my feet feel like they were on fire), hair brush (I have very long hair), sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner, bathing suit, face soap, PJ’s, etc. All of the toiletries the ship provided had an ingredient I was allergic to so I couldn’t use them. Thank goodness for the things I got from the first class amenity bags from the planes. When it is 116 out you want to be able to wear your own clothes so you can feel comfortable and you can sweat and not feel bad. Additionally, you want to constantly change out of these sweaty clothes, which you can’t do when they are your only clothes. I was also sick of washing my clothes everyday and they never really dried because of the much needed ac in my room. I was also upset that the costume I had brought with me for the Galabiya Party didn’t arrive in time and I had to buy another one. I was also worried I would never see my suitcase again.


We docked and had to walk through a million boats before we could get to the dock. By a million I mean at least 6. As we were headed to the bus I hear Janelle, who’s walking ahead of me, go “Jackie, is that your suitcase?” I run to where she is and and see lime green headed my way. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muhammad wheels it to me. I quickly look at the front for damage and there doesn’t seem to be any. I notice all the tags on it though. Looks like my bag has been everywhere. No time to open my bag to check if everything is there so I let Muhammad bring it to my room. I board the bus and everyone was happy that I got my bag back. Can’t wait to check it later.

Picture is from later that night

The picture is from later that night. It looks like a mess because of all the traveling it did and because I immediately tore it apart to make sure everything was there.

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