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Hotel Rant

More Boston and Philly posts coming soon. However, I need to rant about hotels for a bit.

People go to hotels to sleep, eat, and have all the comforts of home in another town, state, or country. Then why do hotels make it their mission to make sure guests get as little sleep as possible? I’m not talking about hostels or even 1 or 2 star hotels. That’s expected with those hotels. I’m talking about 3 star and higher. If I have to shell out over $100 a night I want to sleep and if I have to shell out over $300 a night you bet your bum I want to sleep. Anything over $300 a night means I should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep without a problem.

So why do hotels have paper thin walls? Doors that are so heavy that they make a noise that wakes the whole hallway when they slam shut? Build guestrooms near ice machines, elevators, and maids’ supply rooms? Build hotels on top of nightclubs? Put their event spaces above guestrooms? Put their gym above guestrooms? Only put one pane of cheap glass in their windows? Not to mention the saddest excuse for pillows and blankets. All of these things lead to no sleep.

I should not hear my neighbors TV nor should I be able to hear them talk or flush a toilet. I should not jump an inch off the ground every 5 minutes from the sound of a door slamming. I should not be able to hear the maids at 7am, the ding of the elevator, or the rumble of the ice. I should not have my room vibrate from music that is so loud it could be heard in the next country. I should not be able to hear dumbbells dropping on my ceiling. Nor should I hear every beep, honk, siren, and rumble outside my window. I should be able to wake up without a stiff neck.

SOUND PROOF YOUR ROOMS! That means thicker walls and double paned windows. Pick a smart location for your gym and ballrooms…cough…cough…below the guestrooms, like above or below the lobby. Do not build a hotel above happening nightclubs unless you sound proof the rooms. Put the ice machines and maids’ room by the elevators and then don’t put rooms near this location. One location of sound can be avoided. 3 or more locations becomes difficult. Make your doors lighter and make sure they come to a slow stop. It is possible to create a door that doesn’t SLAM shut. Invest in some better pillows. You never change the pillows just the pillowcases so it isn’t that expensive.

I value my sleep and absolutely can’t stand when one of the reasons above leads to no sleep. I go on vacation to get more sleep than home (unless I’m with a tour group) not less. Feel free to share your hotel complaints below.

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