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How a 25 Minute Subway Ride Wound Up Taking 2 Hours

A group of us were headed to the MET for a scavenger hunt we were hosting. We had to go from Fulton St to 86th on the 4 or 5 train. We needed to be at the MET at 2:45pm so we left at 2pm to get up there. Under normal circumstances that should be more than enough time. That would give us 45 minutes when the train ride was only 25 minutes.

We got on the first train and only went one stop. They then told us the train was going to run local all the way up to 86 street. So Kyla said let’s get off and catch the next train which will run express. So we got off and waited and waited and waited. The next train finally pulled in and the conductor told everyone to get off the train. The platform was now packed because two trains had gotten out. We waited for another train to pull in and nothing was coming. There were no announcements and they turned off the board that shows when the next train is coming. We started to tease that the real scavenger hunt was just getting to the MET. While we were teasing about this a student came over to us and asked us, “are you going to the MET?” Our group of five now became a group of six. We decided that somebody needed to get on the next train going uptown because everyone would be waiting for us and we wouldn’t be there. We decided Kyla should be the one to get on the train because she’s thin and didn’t have any bags with her. A train finally pulled in but unfortunately Kyla could not shove her way on. Finally a train pulled in and Kyla was able to get on. The rest of us didn’t know what to do it was already an hour past the time we needed to be there and we had not moved. We decided to take a different train which would require us leaving the train station and walking to another one. I started to get worried that the lack of information meant that there was a terrorist threat. After all it was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy. We left the train station and immediately saw news trucks, ambulances and lots of police officers. We all went on our phones to figure out what was going on. We couldn’t find any information so we kept walking to the train station. The boys decided to take the N and the R train uptown and see if they could beat us there. We got on the 2 and the 3 train a couple blocks away. We teased that the student aide who was leaving at 3 PM would probably beat us up to the museum.

We took the 2 train all the way up to 42nd St. and then caught the shuttle. The platform for the 4/5/6 was packed and there was no way we were getting on the train. However we were determined. It had already been an hour and a half since we started traveling. A train came and somehow Jessica was able to shove herself on. Rachel I could not get on and didn’t know what to do. We decided to walk all the way to the end of the platform and hoped that train car would wind up being empty. The next train pulled in and sure enough the train car wasn’t packed. Rachel got on first and then I tried to get on and a woman with a stroller ran into me. People kept trying to get into the car and she kept screaming I have a stroller I have a stroller. The train finally pulled out and it was extremely packed. When we finally got to 86th street it was almost 4 o’clock. Nobody was moving on the platform and it turned out two boys were having a fight on the staircase. We seriously couldn’t catch a break. As we were leaving the platform we spotted one of our student aides. She was the one that left at 3 PM. We got out of the station we thought we would bump into her but she disappeared. My cell phone was going crazy with people asking me where I was. We finally got to the museum and it was 4 o’clock. The whole adventure took two hours. Kyla had arrived 30 minutes before us. Jessica had arrived 10 minutes before us. The boys still weren’t there yet so I guess we won that bet. The boys showed up 10 minutes later. The student aide who was on the platform with us arrived 10 minutes later as well. The scavenger hunt hadn’t even started yet and we were already tired. We teased that we wanted a T-shirt that said I survived the MET scavenger hunt.

So why did it take us two hours to get to the MET well unfortunately two people died that day. One man got decapitated in the Bronx earlier that day. Another man got hit by a train right around the time we were leaving. It was very sad for us all to find out that two men had lost their lives that day.


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