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Souvenirs from Vegas and New Orleans.

Two of my very good friends went to New Orleans together. They brought me back some Mardi Gras beads and an alligator magnet. The magnet started off at my desk, but my new desk isn’t magnetic. 😦 So it now lives on my AC cover in my room (along with my magnets from Greece, Australia, Vancouver, Paris, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Prague). One of these friends also went to Vegas and brought me back a keychain.




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Postcards from Places I’ve Never Been

I’m lucky enough to have friends and family who think about me when they travel. They bring me back postcards and inspire me to travel to where they have been. The postcards below include China (thanks Kristy), Italy (thanks Veronica and Gayla), Amsterdam (thanks Gayla-even though I’ve technically been here if you count the airport), New Orleans, Poland (thanks Annette), Croatia, Turkey, Australia (thanks Janelle, Megan, Alexis, and Sonja), Switzerland (thanks to my dad), Ile Maurice (thanks Caitlin), Alaska (thanks Gabby), Bali (thanks Janelle and Megan), and many more.

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