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My NYC Food To Do List

The other day I wrote about the fact that I ignore my NYC to do list and instead focus on my to do lists for other parts of the country or the world. I want to hopefully change that. If you have eaten at any of these places please let me know about your experience. If you are a friend of mine and have been wanting to try one of these places please let me know. So here is my food to do list for NYC:

1) Max for their Gnocchi

2) The Harrison for their ice cream brownie sandwich and birthday cake

3) Bubby’s Pie Company for their mac n cheese

4) Atlantic Chip Shop for all their deep fried goodness

5) Brown for their mac n cheese

6) Panade Cafe for their cupcakes and cream puffs

7) Macbar for their mac n cheese

8) Shopsin’s for their ebelskivers, mac n cheese pancakes, s’mores french toast

9) Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop for their grilled cheese

10) Beauty and Essex for their doughnuts and grilled cheese dumplings

11) Little Muenster for their grilled cheese

12) Jane  for their vanilla bean french toast and gnocchi

13) Caffe Dante for their cannoli

14) Clinton St Baking Company for their brunch

15) Cucina Di Pesce for their pasta

16) Murray’s Cheese Bar for their grilled cheese

17) PDT for their speakeasy experience

18) Cake Man Raven for their red velvet cake

19) Veselka for their pierogi

20) Chat n Chew for their mac n cheese

21) The Green Table for their grilled cheese

22) Milk Truck for their grilled cheese

23) Melt Shop for their grilled cheese

24) Brooklyn Bowl for their chocolate chip bread pudding, cheese fries, and mac n cheese

25) Morris Grilled Cheese Truck for their grilled cheese

26) Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro for their grilled cheese and mac n cheese

27) Comfort Diner for their grilled cheese, sweet potato fries, french toast and mac n cheese balls

28) Schmackary’s for their cookies

29) Donna Bell’s Bakeshop

30) The Smith Restaurant for their gnocchi and smores in a jar

31) Gazala Place for their burekas

32) Papa Perrone’s Food Truck for their rice balls

33) Eatery for their mac n cheese

34) Bouchon Bakery for their grilled cheese

35) UVA Wine Bar and Restaurant for their gnocchi

36) RUB for their deep fried oreos

37) Laurentino’s Pasticceria

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Breads Bakery

Since I love to travel I make a to do list of all the places I want to see and eat in the world. Slowly my surely I am checking them off one country at a time. I also have a to do list for my own city, NYC. The funny thing is I rarely work on accomplishing that list. I feel like the places won’t go anywhere so I can always come back to them at another time. However, that’s not true. The economy has forced a lot of places to close so by the time I go to do them I can’t. My friends and I wanted to go to lunch during our break. I decided I should cross a place off of my list. So I decided we should go to Breads Bakery on east 16th.

The place is a bit pricey, but then again it is NYC. I arrived an hour early (long story). I wanted to buy everything. I had just gone to the bank and my new twenty was itching to be spent. I wound up ordering 3 potato burekas (it’s a Sephardic savory pastry), 2 feta burekas, and 3 spinach burekas. I also ordered 4 chocolate rugelach. The guy teased with me that I was ordering for a party. It came out to $15. I got back to my table and 2 rugelach were missing. I went back to the counter and apologized. They gave me one for free. While I waited for my friends the place got packed. People were buying and eating the most delicious breads and pastries. They were also giving out samples. I decided to eat my potato burekas and I was in heaven. Yummmmmmmmm. I knew I needed to buy more.

My friends came and we chatted for a while. Flora ordered a tuna sandwich, hot chocolate, and two rugelach. The rugelach wound up being too sweet for her. They are made Israeli style so lots of chocolate and some honey. Passcell ordered an espresso looking drink and burekas. I ordered 3 more potato and 2 poppy seed rolls (they looked amazing). The rolls were so soft and yummy. I enjoyed the rugelach they transported me back to my breakfasts in Israel. The feta burekas were beyond delicious and I regret not buying more. The spinach were great as well.

I’m so glad I got to cross this place off my list. Time to cross another one off soon. I can’t wait to come back and buy more burekas from here.




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Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum has something called Target First Saturdays. At night you can visit the museum for free and the special exhibits for a small fee. They also have music and other performances. I have been wanting to go to the Brooklyn Museum for the longest time because they have a great Egyptian section. It’s considered one of the best in the world. Additionally, John Paul Gaultier has a temporary exhibit there that I wanted to see. The exhibit is usually $15, but was only $10 because of Target First Saturday. We waited online for well over a hour, but it was worth it in the end. The mannequins for the exhibit were images of real models so they blinked, talked, sang, etc. Creepy and cool at the same time. My pictures are below:

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How a 25 Minute Subway Ride Wound Up Taking 2 Hours

A group of us were headed to the MET for a scavenger hunt we were hosting. We had to go from Fulton St to 86th on the 4 or 5 train. We needed to be at the MET at 2:45pm so we left at 2pm to get up there. Under normal circumstances that should be more than enough time. That would give us 45 minutes when the train ride was only 25 minutes.

We got on the first train and only went one stop. They then told us the train was going to run local all the way up to 86 street. So Kyla said let’s get off and catch the next train which will run express. So we got off and waited and waited and waited. The next train finally pulled in and the conductor told everyone to get off the train. The platform was now packed because two trains had gotten out. We waited for another train to pull in and nothing was coming. There were no announcements and they turned off the board that shows when the next train is coming. We started to tease that the real scavenger hunt was just getting to the MET. While we were teasing about this a student came over to us and asked us, “are you going to the MET?” Our group of five now became a group of six. We decided that somebody needed to get on the next train going uptown because everyone would be waiting for us and we wouldn’t be there. We decided Kyla should be the one to get on the train because she’s thin and didn’t have any bags with her. A train finally pulled in but unfortunately Kyla could not shove her way on. Finally a train pulled in and Kyla was able to get on. The rest of us didn’t know what to do it was already an hour past the time we needed to be there and we had not moved. We decided to take a different train which would require us leaving the train station and walking to another one. I started to get worried that the lack of information meant that there was a terrorist threat. After all it was the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy. We left the train station and immediately saw news trucks, ambulances and lots of police officers. We all went on our phones to figure out what was going on. We couldn’t find any information so we kept walking to the train station. The boys decided to take the N and the R train uptown and see if they could beat us there. We got on the 2 and the 3 train a couple blocks away. We teased that the student aide who was leaving at 3 PM would probably beat us up to the museum.

We took the 2 train all the way up to 42nd St. and then caught the shuttle. The platform for the 4/5/6 was packed and there was no way we were getting on the train. However we were determined. It had already been an hour and a half since we started traveling. A train came and somehow Jessica was able to shove herself on. Rachel I could not get on and didn’t know what to do. We decided to walk all the way to the end of the platform and hoped that train car would wind up being empty. The next train pulled in and sure enough the train car wasn’t packed. Rachel got on first and then I tried to get on and a woman with a stroller ran into me. People kept trying to get into the car and she kept screaming I have a stroller I have a stroller. The train finally pulled out and it was extremely packed. When we finally got to 86th street it was almost 4 o’clock. Nobody was moving on the platform and it turned out two boys were having a fight on the staircase. We seriously couldn’t catch a break. As we were leaving the platform we spotted one of our student aides. She was the one that left at 3 PM. We got out of the station we thought we would bump into her but she disappeared. My cell phone was going crazy with people asking me where I was. We finally got to the museum and it was 4 o’clock. The whole adventure took two hours. Kyla had arrived 30 minutes before us. Jessica had arrived 10 minutes before us. The boys still weren’t there yet so I guess we won that bet. The boys showed up 10 minutes later. The student aide who was on the platform with us arrived 10 minutes later as well. The scavenger hunt hadn’t even started yet and we were already tired. We teased that we wanted a T-shirt that said I survived the MET scavenger hunt.

So why did it take us two hours to get to the MET well unfortunately two people died that day. One man got decapitated in the Bronx earlier that day. Another man got hit by a train right around the time we were leaving. It was very sad for us all to find out that two men had lost their lives that day.


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Scavenger Hunt at the MET

I hosted a scavenger hunt at the MET this past Friday. The MET is probably my favorite museum in the world. I have spent countless hours there and though I think I have seen it all I always stumble upon something new. After years of searching I finally found Michelangelo’s the Young Archer. They always change its location. I just randomly stumbled upon it. I have never been around Christmas so that was cool. I also had a n Egyptology lecture in the G level which was nice. I did two of the new exhibits one consisted of beautiful jewelry (no pics allowed) and the other one was on Hinduism and allowed me to enter the Jain Meeting Hall (one of my favorites). Some pictures from Friday are below:





























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Broadway Bites

I’ve been wanting to check out Broadway Bites for a while. I had a long list of foods I wanted to try. I wanted a deep fried rice ball ($5), Dutch pancakes (15 for $5), stuffed bagel bite ($1.5 each), pretzel ($4), a grilled cheese ($7), cannolis (6 for $10), and mini doughnuts. I got a pesto and cheese rice ball, an everything bagel ball stuffed with veggie cream cheese, a truffle cheddar pretzel, Dutch pancakes, an egg nog cannoli, an original cannoli, a pumpkin cannoli, two cookie dough cannolis, and my mom got a pistachio one. Everything was beyond yummy!

















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The Archie Afternoon-Comic Con Day 3 Continued

10/12/13 Continued

After the Once Upon a Time panel I immediately had the Archie panel. The Archie panel was located several hallways over, which meant I had at least a 10 minute walk or a 5 minute dash ahead of me if no one was around. Add thousands of people and I was attempting the insane. I pushed, shoved, and ran. I made it to the line and was completely out of breath. I texted Cesar to let him know my current location and proceeded to wait. I didn’t have to wait long before some rude Comic Con staff member informed everyone around me that there was no shot we were getting in. This caused a lot of people to leave the line, but I stayed. Several other staff members came by to the say the same thing, but I was determined to get in. People were trying to sneak into the panel room, but they got caught. The issue was the panel was extremely popular, but they gave the panel one of the smallest rooms in the convention center. Not good planning. They let a chunk of the line is and told the rest of us to leave. Wasn’t happening. I’m stubborn. An Archie hotshot comes down and apologized to us about not being able to let us in, but the room was just too small. He was upset. He got a roll of tickets and gave everyone still on line a ticket. The ticket would be good for a $100 Archie swag bag. Sweet!! They told us we had to redeem them in exactly 1hr at the Archie booth. I planned on getting there early.

Next on my list was to meet Raphael Sbarge. He plays Dr. Archie Hopper on Once Upon a Time. There was a very small line. The girl behind me in line was dressed as Regina aka the Evil Queen. She looked great. When I saw her it dawned on me that I easily could have dressed up as her as well. O well, too late now. I turned around and was face to face with an older gentleman. I knew I knew him from somewhere and then it dawned on me that he was Stan Lee. I was too stunned to take a picture and then I remembered as he walked away from me. I decided to get an autograph and a picture of Raphael. All the money would go to charity. It cost me $40 total. Raphael was super nice to everyone. I had him sign a picture of me in Steveston outside of his character’s office. He loved the picture and asked me about my time in Steveston. He also asked me how the Once Upon a Time panel was. He wrote me such a sweet note about missing me at his office. We went to pose for our picture and the woman who took it got really close to us. I was also very stupid and pushed my hair to the back. I HATE WHEN I DO THAT. When I do that I look like I have no hair. Grrr.

I headed up to the show floor to head to the Archie booth. I texted Cesar to meet me there. I explored the other booths as I headed to the Archie booth. There was already a line and it was still really early so I got on line. After a short wait they had us come up one by one and gave us each a bag. The bag was so heavy. They weren’t kidding about the $100 worth of swag. I was super excited. I went to another booth and got a free Marvel poster. Cesar met up with me at that point and we hit all the booths that I knew had free swag. We picked up free 50 Shades of Grey buttons, Marvel comics and pins, a signed Superman poster and postcard, a Lemony Snicket t-shirt, and I grabbed a tote bag. I was so happy for the tote bag because my arms were breaking with all the separate things I had. Cesar bought an Adventure Time book and it came with a free medal. We wandered around the show floor taking it all in. Cesar bought some bacon lollipops. We passed insane bathroom lines. There were even lines for the Men’s room! We passed a cart selling super yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. They were about $6, but in the end I decided not to get one. 😦 They looked so good though.

We headed to Artist Alley next. I wanted to get my Thor magazine signed by the two people who drew it. I couldn’t find the first guy even though it said he was there. At that point we were both exhausted so we took a break. I used the restroom which was the first one without a line all day! Then we sat and munched on snacks we had brought. Cesar fiddled around with the instruments he had bought. We discussed teaching and observed all the different costumes. We headed back to the autograph area to wait on line for Cesar’s Adventure Time autograph session. The line was insane and wrapped around two corners. It was probably going to be at least an hour wait. I was willing to wait with Cesar, but he said no. Back to Artist Alley.

This time we were determined to find the other artist (Michael Mckone) who worked on the cover of my Thor magazine. It didn’t take that long before we found him. When we got to his booth there was a fan there discussing big money items so we patiently waited until they were done. I didn’t want to interrupt a big sale with my free autograph. While we waited we listened to the guy next to the artist make reservations at an Italian place on 37th and 9th ave. We listened to the guy go on and on about it. We even heard the name the reservation was going to be made under. Cesar and I teased about showing up to the restaurant at the time and joining them for dinner. Michael eventually finished talking and I asked him to sign my magazine. I was nervous that he would say no since I wasn’t buying anything. However, he was super nice and even offered to personalize it for me. He said he was surprised no one else had asked. The guy sitting next to him then picked up one of the magazines and asked him to sign it. Cesar and I then started to wander through the aisles. Cesar told me he had spent too much money and not to allow him to spend anymore. It didn’t take long before he had his hand back in his wallet.

We stumbled upon an artist neither one of us had heard of. His name is Daxiong Guo. We didn’t know it while we were speaking to him, but he’s led an incredible life. The short version includes him being arrested in 2008 and was sent to a prison in China because his art offended the Chinese Communist Party. In prison he was tortured for about two months, but was then rescued by friends in the U.S. His work was so beautiful that we couldn’t help but stop and admire. He was so talented. Cesar decided to look through a book of the artist’s work and he made a comment under his breath about the artist being talented. Daxiong went, “Thanks, I know.” This of course cracked us up. We loved all his work. While Cesar was going through the book he stumbled upon an Egyptian themed one. It was awesome! They decided to cut Cesar a deal so he bought several prints, including the Egyptian one for me. 🙂 Here’s some of his work below:

After that we decided to purchase plastic holders for the prints and we pooped out on the stairs. We were way too tired to move. A girl on the steps admired our prints and asked me for more info on the one Cesar had bought me. It was my first time really examining it and I noticed the cartouche on the man’s clothes indicated that he was King Tut. I also noticed Abu Simbel, the pyramids of Giza, the Nile, papyrus, and Kheper Ra. After chatting for a bit on the steps and discussing the metal hair clips Cesar bought for the girls in his family we decided it was finally time to get up and go home. We were wiped. As we left Artist Alley we walked behind Snow White and Captain Hook. On our way back to Madison Sq. Garden aka the train station, we looked up at one point and there was a nice looking Italian restaurant. My mind flashed to the guy and his reservation so I looked up at the street signs and sure enough it was the place. Too funny. We teased about crashing the reservation. Then I remembered the special code words to say to the Marvel booth for special free stuff. Too late now. After 3 days at Comic Con I was exhausted. I had no idea how Cesar was going to do another day. Turns out he decided not to. My first Comic Con was a success. Here’s to next year…

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Once Upon a Time at Comic Con-NY Comic Con Day 3


The Comic Con panel I was looking forward to the most had finally arrived. I am a huge Once Upon a Time fan so I was beyond thrilled they were having a panel. I was really nervous about it. I had a feeling the panel would be packed full of fans and people that just wanted to meet Jennifer Morrison. I not only wanted to see the panel, but I wanted their autographs as well. If you know me then you know I am not a pushy person when it comes to meeting celebrities. I have been thisclose to celebrities that I love before and have let other people push me aside to meet them, get pictures, and autographs. NOT THIS TIME! I was determined this time would be different.

The Once Upon a Time panel was at 1:30pm. I wanted to be there super early. I actually wanted to be there for the previous panel so I could just stay in the room. I decided to get in the Comic Con spirit and donned a comic book t-shirt and some pink fake hair. I arrived around 11:45am. The panel before Once Upon a Time was the Marvel Video Game panel which was set to start at 12:15pm. I didn’t want to sit in that panel if I found out they were going to clear the room in between the two panels because then I would be screwed. I found a nice Comic Con staff member and asked her if they were going to clear the room in between. She promised me they wouldn’t and said it would be my best bet for the Once Upon a Time panel. So I got on the Marvel line. A group of 3 got on right behind me. One was dressed as Robin Hood, which was a clear sign they wanted the Once Upon a Time panel as well. Sure enough they did. They decided to do what I was going to do after they also talked to a staff member. They had been to Comic Con before and told me crazy stories about what happened when they didn’t clear out the rooms between panels. People got trampled trying to find a seat and panels were overbooked because of it. We waited on the line for a bit and then they finally let us in. I kept texting Cesar throughout the wait because I was going to meet up with him later. I wanted to get as close as I could now so I wouldn’t have to do too much moving up in the future. We settled in rows 8 and 9 on stage left. I left my stuff with them and went to use the bathroom. The line was about 15 mins long and everyone on line was complaining about the lack of women’s bathrooms.

I got back to my seat in time for the Marvel panel to start. They showed us the latest video games they were releasing and it kept me entertained for the hour. I’m not a video game fan nor am I big on Marvel superheros, but I could appreciate the talent that went into creating the games. I loved the little old lady character they had in one of the games who uses her purse as a weapon. They told us they were giving out free gifts at the end of the panel, but that meant losing my seat to get one. So I passed on it. They also gave us codes to get free stuff at the Marvel booth (something I forgot about until we were on 9th avenue later that night). Once I sensed the panel was coming to a close I grabbed my stuff and started to head to the front. I could only move up about 3 rows. I wanted to be closer. Once the panel officially ended chaos ensued!!!!!!

The first two rows were reserved and nobody in the 3rd row gave up their seat. Everyone was looking for seats. The first two rows were empty except for one family in the second row. I asked the family which passes allow you to sit in the reserved row. They said there were several, but didn’t know them all. They had medical ones. I had a special pass and hoped it would be good enough otherwise I would be royally screwed very soon. I asked the family if I could sit with them and they said yes. The little boy was the one with the medical issue. The family didn’t want anyone sitting immediately next to him. So I sat one seat over and made it look like the seat between the boy and I was taken so both parties would be happy with the arrangement. I talked with them for a while as the room started to fill up. I showed them my pictures of Steveston and kept the boy entertained. A Comic Con staff member kept coming around to kick out people who didn’t belong in the reserved rows. She never asked me anything because she assumed I was with the family. The place filled up quickly and so did the reserved rows. The panel was about to start and I thought that I was home free when a staff member addressed me. She asked if I was with the family. I wanted to say yes, but if a handicapped person needed the spot I would not be happy with myself so I said no. She said she had two people with reserved tickets and if she moved me then my seat and the seat I was protecting for the kid would be open to these two girls (they had VIP passes and not medical ones by the way). So I nodded as I felt devastated inside. Then she said to me that she would move me to the first row because there was a single seat and only a skinny person could fit in it. FIRST ROW!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I tried not to act too excited. She wasn’t kidding about it being a tight squeeze, but I managed. I was legitimately right in front of the panel. The woman to the right of me had a super duper exclusive Comic Con pass and had never seen Once Upon a Time at all. The couple to the left of me knew famous people. They weren’t into the show either. So here I was a fan girl with fake pink hair squeezed in between two hot shots who could care less about the panel while I was doing everything in my power not to fan girl out.

The panel started and I was ready to go with my cell phone camera. They were going to start with a clip of the upcoming Once Upon a Time in Wonderland episode but the picture wasn’t working. The majority of the audience spent 3 minutes screaming “no picture” at the top of their lungs. Real mature. I took this time to answer the questions of Miss Super Duper Exclusive Comic Con pass lady. She wanted to know more about the two shows. While they tinkered with the DVD, the panel decided to come out. It was Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. I was in their line of vision the whole time. Several times they smiled exclusively at me or chuckled to themselves when I mouthed answers or reactions to their comments. I even had a staring contest with one of them at one point. It was clear in my section that I was the only fan in the front row. Everyone else belonged to the press or were just there for no real reason. I was in heaven! I felt like we were all just sitting around my kitchen table chatting. They talked for a bit about Wonderland and then they showed the clip from the upcoming episode. I was so happy that characters from Aladdin were being worked in to the show. I wonder if we’ll see Jasmine and Aladdin soon.


After they showed the clip they brought Jennifer Morrison out. She plays Emma Swan. I was immediately surprised by how beautiful she is. She’s kind of a tom boy on the show and in House she was never really done up. She looked great and you could immediately tell she had an awesome personality. Adam and Edward moved down and allowed Jennifer to take the seat across from me. They showed us a clip from the upcoming episode of Once Upon a Time (the original and not Wonderland) and then began their discussion. They told us Hook and Emma would hook up (pun intended), which just aired this past Sunday. Jennifer also hinted that Mulan and Sleeping Beauty might become a lesbian couple. They also hinted that Neal and Emma most likely won’t go back to being a lovey dovey couple right away. They have a lot of unresolved issues. They discussed the deer that happened to wander into a shot and how it wasn’t meant to be Bambi. They told us we’ll see more Disney characters soon. Adam and Edward mentioned how they think Peter Pan is scary and the actor playing him is intense. They avoided him at a party because they were just so freaked out by him. Towards the end of the Q&A I got ready to make my move. I took the pictures I wanted signed out of my bag and I had my sharpie ready. Once the Q&A was over, I pounced. So did everyone else. I got to the guys first even though Jennifer was closer to me. Adam and Edward signed the picture of me in Steveston at the Storybrooke Pet Shelter. Both of them commented about my picture and asked how my trip was. At this point I am being squished by the mob of people trying to get to Adam, Edward, and Jennifer. I am also the only one with a sharpie and everyone wants to borrow it. A girl asked me first and had Jennifer sign her poster. Then Edward took it and used it to sign some other people’s stuff. Others wanted it, but I wasn’t parting with it. I wanted Jennifer’s autograph. Edward saw I was waiting for a while and was trying to get to Jennifer so he helped push my picture toward her. At that point she was so mobbed taking photos and signing things that she was in robot mode. However, when my picture and sharpie came to her it caused her to look up to see who the owner was. She then gave me a huge smile. Yeah for bringing a conversation piece for them to sign. She signed it and I tried to put it back in the folder to protect it. However, I couldn’t move. People wanted to move forward, but they wouldn’t let those of us who had got what we wanted to leave. I felt trapped. So the New Yorker came out in me and I pushed past people. I put my stuff away and left the room. I found the group I waited on line with and we exchanged info so I could send them pictures (they never moved up). Time for a mad dash across Javits to the Archie Panel!

Peter Pan and Henry

Rumpel doing his signature move! Love this man.

“Roasted Swan. He He. You’ll understand that later.”

1st look at Tink!

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Hanging with Washington at Fraunces Tavern


Today was free museum day. Even though I have been to Fraunces Tavern several times before, I decided to go again because I haven’t been back in years. The museum closes at 5pm and I got there at 4:20pm. I started in the room where George Washington said goodbye to his troops. There was a docent telling stories in this room. The room was packed with people and I had a gentleman right on my back. The docent explained that the alcohol was over 100 proof back then. So they would take a punch bowl and fill it with 50% water and 50% alcohol. They would then add sugar and nutmeg to it. The bowl would be passed around and people would pour into their mugs. They didn’t believe in germs back then. She also talked about the term spring cleaning, which meant that’s the time of the year you would clean your clothes. The clothes could dry outside in the spring. She was talking for a while so I decided to visit the other rooms plus I didn’t like that I gave the right answer to a question and she gave the credit to the man in front of me who said salt (the answer was sugar cane). Pictures weren’t allowed in this room. The cashier said it is because the items in the room are lent to the tavern and the owners didn’t want people taking pictures of them.

The next room was filled with images of Washington. The room next to that one belonged to George Clinton. He was Vice President of the US and the first Governor of New York. The wallpaper in his room was beautiful. Next I headed to a room with a DVD player. I didn’t feel like listening to it.

I went upstairs to the Sons of Revolution room. The Sons of Revolution used to meet in the tavern during the American Revolution. The room contained Washington’s hair and teeth. The next room had some letters. After that was a room that showed the evolution of the American flag. Then there was a room of random artifacts. The last room was of different revolutionary paintings. They were beautiful. Sadly no pictures were allowed.

I went to the gift shop and bought two pens. They were $2 each and I usually see them for $6. I also bought 3 postcards at 50 cents each.


























On a side note my mom also took advantage of the free museum day. She went to the Mount Vernon Hotel.





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Shipwrecked in Times Square


Back in May I had participated in a scavenger hunt sponsored by Discovery Times Sq. I followed clues around Lower Manhattan. The hunt ended at Trinity Church. The first person to go up to the pirate would win a treasure chest which would be filled with money. There were several of us waiting. It turns out some kid approached a random guy (not in costume) and asked are you with the pirate and he said yes thus winning. Neither him nor his mother were excited that they just won thousands of dollars. Everyone thought it was fishy. My mom got #13 because at that point it didn’t matter. We did get two tickets to see the Shipwrecked exhibit.





So my mom and I finally decided to go and see the exhibit. The train we took was decorated with the European football teams. Go Manchester United! I absolutely love Times Square. Most New Yorkers hate it. I love all the lights and the feel of it. Yes, it is beyond packed with tourists, but a true New Yorker should be able to navigate through it without a problem. This was my first time seeing Guy’s American Bar/Restaurant. I also took some pictures outside Jekyll and Hyde.


I’ve been to Discovery Times Square numerous times. I saw the following exhibits there: King Tut, Pompeii, Harry Potter, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. I liked them all except the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. It was too boring and this is coming from a history teacher. Discovery had 3 exhibits on display this time. In addition to Shipwreck they also had Lego and Bodies exhibits. Each exhibit is about $20. They had a Lego guy in the lobby so people could pose for pictures with him.




You weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibit but I snuck two anyways. There were a lot of hands on activities that were great for kids and adults who want to be kids. You could create your own pirate, learn how to to tie sailors’ knots, listen to stories about shipwrecks, steer a ship, pick up coins using underwater technology, and even experience hurricane force winds. A little word of advice about the hurricane force winds, if you are prone to eat issues make sure to cover them. My ears hurt for days afterwards. I couldn’t believe how many bars of gold and silver they recovered from the wrecks. There were also tons of coins. There was a lot of porcelain also recovered. Many of it surprisingly in good condition. There was even an old set of dominoes, which my students love to play. There was a lot to see, but still don’t think I would have spent twenty dollars on it. It was worth about fifteen.






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