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Shabbat in Jerusalem

Jan 10 2009

Wake up was later today because of shabbat. I chose to wake up earlier than everyone else because I wanted to attend the optional services at a synagogue down the road. I felt it was important to go to shabbat services in Jerusalem. The Pardo sisters and a couple of the guys went. We had a super fast breakfast and then walked to the synagogue. The Pardos and I sat upstairs in the women’s section. We were completely lost, which I knew I would be since I am lost during American services. The cool thing is that during services you are supposed to face Jerusalem, but since we were in Jerusalem we had to face the Kotel. When they called up members from certain special Jewish families there were actually people from those families in the congregation. That’s something you don’t see everyday.

I had originally wanted to do yoga after services, but I was tired and too lazy to change out of my long skirt. The yoga was a bit different this time and was more of an ab workout. So I’m glad that I decided not to change and just watched.

After that, we ate lunch and packed. The packing proved to be difficult because of the new stuff I had gotten and because my space bag no longer seemed to be working. Then I watched Sara braid Jacob’s hair. Next up were the Bat and Bar Mitzvah ceremonies. We were all very tired and out of it, but we tried to be as supportive as possible. The people that got Bar/Bat Mitzvahed from our bus were Joanna, Travis, and Margaret.

Next we went up to the roof for the Havdallah ceremony. We had a lot of fun. We sang, danced, and the guys lifted the Bar/Bat Mitzvah people on chairs. It was a great final bonding moment as a group.

We drove back into the heart of Jerusalem and had dinner. Ricky, Ali, Lindsey, Zac, and I ate together. Both Sarahs, Marc, Maddy, and Nora got the table right next to us. Our table had an interesting conversation about relationships.

We then walked to a lecture about unity without uniformity. Ruthie was there, so I was very happy to see her. It felt like just yesterday I saw her in the airport. I can’t believe our trip is almost over. After the lecture they brought out a band and there was a lot of dancing. I took a picture with Lior. After a while we were all tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. When we finally got back to the hotel, we all finished packing and then crashed.

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The Greatest Sight in Egypt…My Suitcase

Ok, you might not think my suitcase is the greatest sight in Egypt, but on the afternoon of 8/3/11 I sure did. I had spent a lot of time packing for my trip to Egypt. I debated each article of clothing. I needed to make sure I was covered up enough because Egypt’s a Muslim country and yet cool enough to deal with Egypt’s summer heat. All my essentials were in my bag including my sandals (the sneakers and socks I was wearing were making my feet feel like they were on fire), hair brush (I have very long hair), sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner, bathing suit, face soap, PJ’s, etc. All of the toiletries the ship provided had an ingredient I was allergic to so I couldn’t use them. Thank goodness for the things I got from the first class amenity bags from the planes. When it is 116 out you want to be able to wear your own clothes so you can feel comfortable and you can sweat and not feel bad. Additionally, you want to constantly change out of these sweaty clothes, which you can’t do when they are your only clothes. I was also sick of washing my clothes everyday and they never really dried because of the much needed ac in my room. I was also upset that the costume I had brought with me for the Galabiya Party didn’t arrive in time and I had to buy another one. I was also worried I would never see my suitcase again.


We docked and had to walk through a million boats before we could get to the dock. By a million I mean at least 6. As we were headed to the bus I hear Janelle, who’s walking ahead of me, go “Jackie, is that your suitcase?” I run to where she is and and see lime green headed my way. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muhammad wheels it to me. I quickly look at the front for damage and there doesn’t seem to be any. I notice all the tags on it though. Looks like my bag has been everywhere. No time to open my bag to check if everything is there so I let Muhammad bring it to my room. I board the bus and everyone was happy that I got my bag back. Can’t wait to check it later.

Picture is from later that night

The picture is from later that night. It looks like a mess because of all the traveling it did and because I immediately tore it apart to make sure everything was there.

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Packing Rant

I’m trying to pack for my trip to Boston and I realized how much I hate packing. I also realized I’m not very good at it. I always start with a list so I don’t forget anything. However, I never know what to put on the list. Do I pack for rain even though the forecast doesn’t predict rain? If I don’t I know it will wind up raining. Do I pack a million different medicines in case I get sick or hurt? How many jackets should I bring? How thick? It’s going to be cold on this one day, but nice on the others. How do I balance that? Then you have shoe issues. I’m always worried about shoes breaking or suddenly turning evil and hurting my feet, but to pack extras takes up a lot of room and makes the bag heavier. I also don’t like to check luggage (when you don’t have your bag for a week in over 110 degree weather and your plane outfit is long pants and a black shirt-you will understand why), which forces me to shove everything in a carry on. Food, meds, clothes, shoes, electronics, books, and trip info in one little bag requires a magician. Space bags? Yeah tried those. They work somewhat ok going to your destination, but coming home they are a waste. Add on all the new clothes and souvenirs you’ve purchased and your bag wants to explode or break (like mine did in CDG airport in 2011). I always wonder how the people that pack light do it. I’ve traveled with people who having been traveling for months and they had one backpack. I would need like 3 huge suitcases. The funny thing is I’m not a girly girl who packs 900 things of make up, every hair product known to man kind, hair styling irons/devices, shoes for every occasion, two outfits a day, jewelry, etc. I’m a basic jeans or skirt with t-shirt hat girl. I don’t even like bathing suits.

I just shoved everything in 1/2 a carry on (my mom has the other half) and a backpack. I have no idea how I’m going to do this in June when I’ll be traveling for much longer.

Any packing thoughts? Hate it? Love it? Tips? Tricks?

The picture below is of my lost suitcase once it arrived in Luxor. I agonized over packing for weeks for it not to matter in the end


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