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A Hauntingly Good Time in Salem

I went to Salem for the first time when I was in 7th grade. We went in February for a class trip. It was freezing! I got sick the day we left and was miserably ill the entire time. I was looking forward to the trip for a while because I love Halloween and everything that has to do with it. I spent my childhood wishing I was a witch. So I was beyond upset that Salem wound up being one giant blur for me. Since then I wanted to go back. During my freshman year of college I thought I would finally have my chance, but our bus broke down so we cut Salem from our trip.

About 5 years after that incident I finally got to go back. We took the train from Boston to Salem. Then we walked to the visitor center. We got to do Salem Tees again. We did Salem by foot instead of taking one of the trolleys. We did the Salem Witch Museum. You enter into a giant dark space and they light up different scenes to help tell the story of the Salem Witch Trials. I enjoyed it years ago (it’s the only part of the trip I remember) and I enjoyed it this time as well. It really keeps your attention. After the museum we went in and out of shops. We took a picture of Brothers Restaurant, which is where my tour group ate all of our meals years ago.

We went to the House of the Seven Gables . It really does have seven gables. There was even a little secret staircase we climbed up. I was a little too tall for it but I managed. Unfortunately, you couldn’t take pics inside the house. I was able to take a picture of the original door to the house and I pressed my camera against the window to try to capture some inside shots. The tour was great.

We also went into a graveyard to look at some of the very old headstones. I couldn’t believe that they were from the 1600’s! We also did the Salem Witch History Museum. It was extremely cheesy. You were allowed to take pictures. We had a guide that sort of lead us through things. The mannequins or whatever you would call them were old and a bit creepy. It was definitely not worth the $8 per person.

My favorite part of Salem were all the stores. I loved all the magical, Halloween, mystical, and other worldly items.

The funny thing was that the first time I was here I didn’t feel well and about an hour into the trip this time I started not to feel well either. I guess it’s become a Salem tradition.

We walked to the train station and were told that there was an issue with the trains. The next one would be by in an hour. A woman asked us where the nearest bathroom was. It was quite far and too difficult to explain. We decided to go with her and show her. We caught the train and there wasn’t any lights in the train. So they didn’t take our tickets. We got a refund at the train station.

My boss goes to Salem every year for Halloween. One year I would like to visit  during Halloween and participate in all the festivities.

Brothers Restaurant-7th Grade

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Massachusetts Postcards

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