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New Press a Penny and Some Souvenir Coins

So as my last post indicated I’m back from my week in Europe. I have a lot of posts ahead of me from this trip. I’m starting my posting my souvenirs and then will share my trip journal.

I was able to pick up one press a penny in Cologne. Though there it’s press a .05 Euro. I also picked up some souvenir coins to add to my collection. I have some from Paris.




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Postcards from Cologne

I just got back from a week in Europe. One of the places I visited was Cologne, Germany. I was only there a day, but I had the chance to pick up 3 postcards. More info from this trip coming soon.




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Postcards from St. Pete Beach

My parents came back from Spring Training and stayed in St. Pete Beach. They brought me back these postcards. I just never got around to posting them until now.



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Postcards from São Paulo

My dad’s coworker went to São Paulo and brought me back these large postcards.



Here’s some more postcards from places I’ve never been/postcards from friends:

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Postcards from Cuba

My dad’s coworker just got back from Cuba and was nice enough to bring me back two postcards.



Here’s some more postcards from places I’ve never been/postcards from friends:

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Postcards from Spain

My dad’s co-worker just came back from Spain and brought me back some postcards for my collection. I’ve been planning a trip to Spain for a long time so these postcards really made me want to go even more. The postcards are from Madrid and Barcelona.





Here’s some more postcards from places I’ve never been/postcards from friends:

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Souvenirs from Istanbul and Switzerland

My former co-worker just got back from a recruiting trip across Europe. She brought me back some hotel pens and pads. It’s a thing we do. The main gift was from Istanbul. She and another co-worker went shopping at a spice market and decided to get me a red sequined bridal veil and henna coverings. Turkish brides put the veil completely over their heads and tie the marching bags around their hands to cover and protect their henna. So I told her all I need now is the man.




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Souvenirs from Vegas and New Orleans.

Two of my very good friends went to New Orleans together. They brought me back some Mardi Gras beads and an alligator magnet. The magnet started off at my desk, but my new desk isn’t magnetic. 😦 So it now lives on my AC cover in my room (along with my magnets from Greece, Australia, Vancouver, Paris, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Prague). One of these friends also went to Vegas and brought me back a keychain.




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Witty Souvenirs Replace Wonders of the World

Witty Souvenirs Replace Wonders of the World

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All rights belong to Flickr, Yahoo, and Michael Hughes

When most people travel, they typically come home with countless photos: selfies, playful poses with friends, iconic landmarks, etc. But when photographer Michael Hughes is abroad, he goes about it a little differently. Breaking away from a picture perfect postcard, Michael inserts cheap local souvenirs in his shots; resulting in memorable, hilarious photos.

“My images are fun because I really like to play with them,” Michael says in the accompanying video. “I like to play with the way people look at my images, and I’m always up for a joke!”

The idea came to Michael back in 1999 while on a trip to the Rhine in Germany. It was a late November day, and he was standing on a famous cliff overlooking the river.

“I remembered that I had a postcard for my daughter in my pocket,” Michael recalls. “When I pulled it out, I noticed that I was standing exactly where the photographer had been when he was taking the picture for the postcard. So I started playing with it and I managed to fit it exactly into the scene. When I got back to my computer and looked at my pictures, I could see there was something really good going on.”

alkmaar nl london sept 2008

A few weeks later, Michael went to New York City and decided to take a ferry around Manhattan. On his way to the pier, he bought postcards of the New York skyline to mimic his photo from Germany. In his mind, Michael was already brainstorming a “picture within a picture” photo series. Minutes later on the ferry, however, his idea evolved into something unexpected.

“When I boarded the ferry, I bought a cup of coffee,” Michael explains. “We went past the Statue of Liberty, and I suddenly realized the coffee cup had a picture of the Statue of Liberty on it. So I threw out the contents of the cup, held it up and it fit right in front of the statue. It was perfect! And it was at that point I realized I didn’t have to use postcards, but it could be any kind of souvenir… and that was the start of it!”

helsinki 74_camel_4331

Michael created a set of rules for his new souvenir series. First, he wasn’t allowed to take anything (a prop, an object, etc.) to his destinations. Second, Michael had to buy a souvenir on the spot.

“The rules worked well because it put me in a bit of a tricky situation,” Michael says. “You might turn up somewhere and there might not be a good souvenir, so you have to be creative. I like a bit of risk. I also like involving people into the photos as well. People who are standing around adds to the fun.”

new york 2008 Souvenirs series

One of his favorites photos was taken at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

“My wife came over and showed me this multi-colored lollipop that she’d found,” Michael explains. “My daughter was also there, so I set it up that she was supposed to lick the lollipop. I really love it because it’s a nice family moment. The lollipop fits perfectly, and there’s a lovely violet sky.”

Michael admits the crazier the souvenir, the better the photo. Throughout the years, he has come across several strange objects: an Elvis bobblehead in Graceland, a Don Quixote figurine in Spain and a mini croissant magnet in Paris.

One of his favorites was a transparent plexiglass Jesus the Redeemer he bought in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

pisa italy redeemer520br

“It was the funniest thing in that you could put batteries in it, and it would light up in all sorts of colors,” Michael says. “When I went to see the Jesus the Redeemer, I was standing in front of it and looking at it from a bit away. When I held up my souvenir, it looked like some tourists in the background were actually looking up at my souvenir instead of the real thing! It was very cool.”

disneyland paris fr 20100928DEH1328.jpg

Michael’s received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement since posting his photos on Flickr. What he likes about his series is that it plays into people’s perception about travel.

“What I like is giving people a question. I think it’s fun to make people think about the world we live in and get them excited to see it. But more importantly, it’s great to have a joke with them at the same time.”

Visit Michael’s photostream to see more of his photography.

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11 Weird Souvenirs From Europe

Saw this article and thought it was funny.

All rights belong to Contiki and BuzzFeed. To view the article on BuzzFeed click here.

For those of you looking for off-the-beaten-path gift ideas, we humbly submit the following treasures from across the pond. Want to find your own bizarro souvenirs first hand? See Europe like you have never seen it with Contiki Tours, the travel and adventure experts for the 18-35 set. posted on April 3, 2013 at 10:29am EDT

Contiki BuzzFeed Partner

1. ENGLAND: Royal Wedding Tea Towel

ENGLAND: Royal Wedding Tea Towel

Is there a better way to commemorate the Royal Wedding than with an illustrated towel that looks maybe the littlest bit like William and Kate? No. No there is not.


2. ICELAND: Yule Lad “Sheep Worrier” Figurine

ICELAND: Yule Lad "Sheep Worrier" Figurine

There’s nothing inappropriate about Yule Lads. The “Sheep Worrier” is perfectly innocent… just like his brethren Sausage Thief, Window Peeper, Doorway Sniffer and Bowl Licker.

3. ITALY: Pinocchio Mask

ITALY: Pinocchio Mask

For the child in your life who loves night terrors.


4. GERMANY: Sexy Lederhosen Apron

GERMANY: Sexy Lederhosen Apron

Presented without comment.

5. FRANCE: Delicious Mint Candy

FRANCE: Delicious Mint Candy

If you want to impress that special lady in your life, you can never* go wrong with fancy Parisian candy.

(*almost never)


6. CZECH REPUBLIC: Handcrafted Devil Puppet

CZECH REPUBLIC: Handcrafted Devil Puppet

Infinitely less scary than Pinocchio, but still an excellent gift for that nephew back home who is not yet afraid of the dark.

7. DENMARK: Troll Dolls

DENMARK: Troll Dolls

When they’re not hoarding treasure, guarding bridges or lurking in chat rooms, trolls make a perfect souvenir!

8. RUSSIA: Pink Ushanka Hat

RUSSIA: Pink Ushanka Hat

Because the Soviet Army had a fierce fashionista side, too.

9. BULGARIA: Soviet Gas Mask, “Never Used!” (Yet)

BULGARIA: Soviet Gas Mask, "Never Used!" (Yet)

Nothing says “exciting trip to Sofia” better than this lovely forget-me-not, fresh off the assembly line at the Nightmare Factory.

10. IRELAND: “RMS Titanic – Captain’s Little Helper” Shirt

IRELAND: "RMS Titanic - Captain's Little Helper" Shirt

Here’s a fact for you: If you were an Irish child aboard the Titanic, 1912 was probably a pretty bad year for you. (Although if this shirt is historically accurate, that explains a thing or two.)

11. HOLLAND: Weed Boxers

HOLLAND: Weed Boxers

Because, classy.

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